PEATS  Placements in Environmental, Archaeological and Traditional Skills 

 (Stáže v oblasti environmentálnych, archeologických a tradičných zručností  )

Background Information

PEATS includes placements that ran under the previous PETS project. PEATS traditional skills placements focus on the significance of re-introducing European traditional crafts that are at risk of being lost forever with an ever-increasing technically advanced society. Rural skills workers form a comparatively small and shrinking proportion of the rural workforce. Since the late nineteenth century, many skills have become extinct or have shrunk to a fraction of their former size and importance. Rural skills and trades play a key role in the leisure, recreation, construction and tourism industries. They help to preserve and maintain the historic environment and service the lifestyle needs of green consumers and country dwellers: they add diversity to the rural economies at a time when the land-based industries are in decline; they are a creative outlet for those wanting an alternative lifestyle in the rural environment. The PEATS initiative is of great importance to the sustainability of the traditional rural industries and has enabled over 300 students from the UK to participate on placements in Bulgaria, Cyprus, Ireland, Romania and Slovakia.

The placements for 2022 are now open for applications. Please read through each placement page before downloading and sending in the application form

Successful applicants need to inform us of their vaccination status. This will not be the deciding factor on the application, but will allow us to assist them with looking into any additional testing the applicants may need, as some countries have slightly different rules for anyone not vaccinated.

Corona Virus – we are currently dealing with our agency with regards to affected placements for this month. We are still carrying on as usual for placements going ahead in summer until we hear differently. We are in close contact with our hosts and will let all participants know of any changes as soon as we know ourselves.

fotogaléria z projektov , ktoré u nás boli cez program Erasmus + PEATS

“The entire month was planned out perfectly. We were extremely privileged to have such attentive hosts. Adriana and Jakob were so very welcoming. There was never a day when we had nothing to do – which I loved. I enjoy being busy.” Robbie Montgomery, Slovakia

“On the Traditional skills in Slovakia trip I learnt many new skills and crafting and  building techniques with a lot of different materials the i had never used before. This included building a celtic roundhouse using a wattle and daubing method, using lime, clay and sand to build a sculpture/ 3-D mural on the front of a building, stone and wood carving and using  very old loom to weave together thread and textile scraps to make a wall hangings or rug. It was brilliantly rewarding to learn so many new skills and our hosts, Jakub and Adriana were always patient in teaching us and willing to let us have a go at doing whatever we wanted.  The village was beautiful and once I settled in i felt very welcome. Everyone who lived there was wonderfully friendly and appreciative and complementary of the work we were doing. The house we stayed in was nice and spacious and stayed cool even though the weather most of the time was over 30 degrees (though sharing a bathroom between 7 was sometimes challenging!). We were never short of things to do on evenings and weekends, as Jakub and Adriana were always very willing to and excited about taking us to different interesting places and on walks in the surrounding countryside and forests.” Lili , in Slovakia